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These Butterfly Locs Might Make You Style Icon

Butterfly Locs - All You Want To Know 

A major upgrade from curly and braided hair, butterfly locs are now youth’s new dearest hair fashion. In butterfly locs, your hair is arranged into a curled loop to mimic vintage butterfly wings.

This style is designed by countless repetitions of wrapping and binding the hair. Worn long, butterfly locs throw funky casual vibes to your personality. This hairstyle is very popular among youngsters because it gives a cool and aesthetic appearance to hair. Butterfly locs are a type of faux locs which can be made with either artificial or real human hair.

How To Style Butterfly Locs Crochet?

In order to style butterfly locs, first you need to buy crochet hair. Crochet's hair comes in various sizes. For example, if you want them long, then 24 inches of crochet hair would be ideal for you.

  • Divide your natural hair into parts and also separate the crochet hair into strings.
  • Now, hook the crochet string in the crochet pin.
  • Hold your natural hair from the tip and gently attach the crochet strings to the base of the hair.
  • Wrap the crochet strings with your natural hair until the tip.
  • Repeat the process to cover it entirely.
  • Finish your butterfly locs crochet by firmly tying the ends.

Maintenance Tips For Butterfly Locs Crochet Braids

It is very important to maintain your butterfly locs and crochet braids regularly to avoid any damage to your hair and keep it hygienic. Obey the below instructions to properly maintain your butterfly locs crochet braids -

  • Always use a soft pillow when you go to sleep.
  • After every 3 weeks, rearrange your hairstyle.
  • Wash your butterfly locs, crochet braids and reuse them after properly drying them.
  • Properly shampoo and condition your hair and scalp before using it.
  • Wear a scarf when you go out in direct sunlight and dusty places.
  • Do not swim and do intense exercise with butterfly locs on as the sweat and water can cause itching and other allergies.

Find The Best Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair For You

Ubuy has a great collection of butterfly locs crochet hair extensions and the following are some of the top quality durable butterflies locs crochets, check them out -

Col Bling Butterfly Locs Crochet

This is handmade crochet that is shading free and has no chemical smell. It contains 8 packs of butterfly locs of 12 inches which are adequate for covering the entire head.

WIGICD Faux Butterfly Locs Crochet

It is a 24 inches long distressed crochet that is made of a low-temperature fiber. You don’t need to make much effort because it comes with a crochet pin and causes less itching.

LMZIM 36 Inches Butterfly Locs Crochet

If you are a beginner, this crochet is best for you as it is pre-twisted and pre-looped. The crochet strings are made up of a soft and shiny fabric that gives you a natural look.

TOYOTRESS 10 Inches Butterfly Locs Crochet

Manufactured with high-quality and skin-friendly material, this crochet causes no harm to your hair and scalp. This 10-inch long crochet is best recommended for a short butterfly braids hairstyle.

Eliza Maroon Butterfly Locs Crochet

This crochet has a messy appearance to give you an extraordinarily classic look. You may also combine it with black and white crochet to make it look outstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions for Butterfly Locs

Can I Know The Estimate Cost Of Pack Of Butterfly Locs Crochet In Jordan?

The cost of butterfly locs crochet in Jordan depends on the current price, customs duties and import charges.

How Many Packs Of Crochet Butterfly Locs Do I Need To Wear Different Styles?

If you want to get a messy look and cover your entire head, 10 packs of butterfly loc crochet will be enough for you.

How Many Packs Of Water Wave Hair For Butterfly Locs?

You will be needing approximately 7 - 8 water wave hair packs for styling butterfly locs to have a new look every day.

How To Do Butterfly Locs With Braiding Hair?

Use a crochet pin to hook braid strings and fix it with your natural hair base and then wrap it along with hair till the tips and seal the ends by making knots.

How To Do Butterfly Locs With Passion Twist Hair?

It is very easy to make butterfly locs with a passion twist, just hold the hair with one hand and wrap the crochet strings around the hair with your index finger.

How Many Packs Of Hair For Short Butterfly Locs?

Near about 5 - 6 packs of 10 - 12 inches crochet strings will be required for making short butterfly locs hairstyles.

Can You Tell Me Where I Can Purchase Butterfly Locs For My Hair?

Make your purchase of butterfly locs crochet from Ubuy, we have a wide color and size range of high-quality butterfly locs crochets.

Do Butterfly Locs Damage Hair?

It depends on the material used and your way of using them, if you carelessly stretch your hair and chemicals are used in your butterfly locs then it may damage your hair.